Technical knowledge that makes a difference

We plug our outsourced paraplanning service in to our clients’ businesses and this makes all the difference to the advice and help they are able to offer their clients.

While you’ll see the phrase ‘plug-in paraplanning’ on the homepage of our website, for us, it’s more than a marketing message or piece of promotional copy. It’s the way we do business, the service we offer our clients and the way our processes are designed.

Plugging is the way we ‘do’ outsourced paraplanning. For those advisers who like to complement their expertise with in-depth applied technical knowledge, it really adds to the advice they can offer their clients. This tweet from our client Dave at Gibson Lamb brings to life the difference it can make.

The story behind the tweet

We asked Dave to explain the difference made by having an experienced Paraplanner on-hand.

“It’s the most tragic of cases I’ve seen in nearly three decades in the Financial Services profession and that makes it one of the most complicated technically too. It is absolutely vital that we are thorough and methodical and bring in expertise to deal with the issues at hand. To hold a call with two Paraplanners, an experienced adviser and a Partner at a law firm demonstrates the depth of the discussion and involvement needed from all parties. Alyson’s knowledge and thus confidence in the subject matter was clear to see”.

Often, the benefits of outsourcing a competence like paraplanning are promoted as coming from efficiencies, cost savings and the time to focus on your core capability. It’s important we remember how enriching a partner that is going to work alongside you can be to the outcomes of a case; contributing to and enhancing the discussions and decisions, adding to and part of the process, not just a passenger on the ride.

If you’d like to discover what we mean by ‘plugging in’, get in touch.