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The Paraplanners provides outsourced paraplanning services to financial advice practices throughout the UK. We plug in, giving businesses the paraplanning capacity, technical competence and confidence they need to achieve their growth ambitions.

As an outsourced paraplanning partner, our clients rely on us to interpret and sensibly apply the latest technical, regulatory and  financial planning developments. We ensure that our team really know what they’re talking about by always seeking to achieve the highest possible relevant qualifications, and by following a rigorous programme of continuous professional development. We play an active role in the paraplanning community, seeking to learn from others and support the ongoing improvement of standards within the profession.

We like to work with people who share similar priorities to us. We believe in:

  • Bringing clarity
  • Collaboration
  • Being as good as you can be
  • Doing the right thing every time
  • Making people feel valued and listened to

The Paraplanners timeline

  • 2002

    Adviser Assist (version one of the business) was incorporated


    Basecamp introduced as our case management hub


    Paraplan Plus takes over from Adviser Assist


    Moneyscope is launched providing a simple cash flow planning tool for advisers


    Paraplan Plus changes its name and rebrands to The Paraplanners

  • 2012

    Richard Allum is the first paraplanner elected to the Board of The Institute of Financial Planning


    Richard Allum starts the Paraplanners Assembly community with the first national event in September 2013.


    First outsourced paraplanning workshop run by The Paraplanners, helping others set up and run their businesses


    Partner with Google to launch v2.0 of our report writing system


    20 years of outsourced paraplanning to date!

Richard Allum

Managing Director

I’m proud to have built an experienced team that focuses on bringing our knowledge, insights and expertise to bear on our day-to-day paraplanning work for clients. Every member of our team has hands-on experience working alongside financial advisory practices and understands what makes them tick. With team members located throughout the UK, we’re able to support our clients, no matter where they are based.

I spotted the opportunity for outsourced paraplanning and set up the business in 2002 and am a leading advocate for paraplanning in the UK. I’m responsible for the strategic direction and leadership of the business. I’m still involved in live cases and often lead on consultative projects for clients.

In 2011, I combined my expertise as a Certified Financial Planner with a lifelong interest in technology to launch Moneyscope – a web-based lifetime cash flow forecasting tool. In 2013, I went on to start the paraplanning community, the Paraplanners Assembly. I continue to be involved in both of these initiatives.  

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