Meet our dedicated
& trustworthy team

The Paraplanners team

Our clients rely on us to interpret and sensibly apply the latest technical, regulatory and legislative developments. So we ensure that our team members really know what they’re talking about; always seeking to achieve the highest possible relevant qualifications, and following a rigorous programme of continuous professional development, whether that’s through reading industry publications, attending professional events or sharing best practice with our peers.

Richard Allum

Managing Director

I’m proud to have built an experienced team that focuses on bringing our knowledge, insights and expertise to bear on our day-to-day paraplanning work for clients. Every member of our team has hands-on experience working alongside financial advisory practices and understands what makes them tick. With team members located throughout the UK, we’re able to support our clients, no matter where they are based.

I spotted the opportunity for outsourced paraplanning and set up the business in 2002 and am a leading advocate for paraplanning in the UK. I’m responsible for the strategic direction and leadership of the business. I’m still involved in live cases and often lead on consultative projects for clients.

In 2011, I combined my expertise as a Certified Financial Planner with a lifelong interest in technology to launch Moneyscope – a web-based lifetime cash flow forecasting tool. In 2013, I went on to start the paraplanning community, the Paraplanners Powwow. I continue to be involved in both of these initiatives.  

Kim Bendall


Following a career in accountancy, Kim joined the financial services industry in 2000.  Since then she has worked as both an independent financial adviser and a paraplanner. As a result of this experience, Kim has developed an instinctive understanding of the ways in which advisers and paraplanners can work alongside each other to help people make sense of their money.

Kim – who was named Paraplanner of the Year in the 2013 Professional Adviser Awards – holds both the Certified Financial Planner and Accredited Paraplanner status from the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, as well as being a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. Not satisfied with this, Kim continues to study to ensure she is able to rise to any challenges the financial services industry may serve up.

As a Director at The Paraplanners, Kim applies the full breadth of her technical knowledge and insight to her day-to-day job, and intends to play a role in making sure that the perception of paraplanning, as a profession, extends beyond report-writing.

Alyson Brooker


A graduate in Law from the University of Edinburgh, Alyson had originally planned to embark on a career practicing law but, despite achieving a Diploma in Legal Practice, she soon caught the paraplanning bug.

Her career started back in 2010, when she joined Scottish financial advice practice Thomson Shepherd – now Carbon Financial Partners – as a graduate trainee.

Today, Alyson is a Chartered Financial Planner and there is more to come. One to keep ahead of developments in financial services, she is always seeking out opportunities for further study.

Alyson’s background in law has particularly helped hone her skills in trusts, estate planning and general tax planning. It is here she likes delivering an elegant solution to potentially complicated problems, with the satisfaction of being able to plan for the whole family’s future.

Gemma Dennis

Administration Manager

Having worked in the industry since 2000, Gemma heads up The Paraplanners administration service. Gemma’s responsibilities range from client management to working with third parties to ensure all appropriate and relevant data and information is available to enable The Paraplanners to carry out research, analysis and make recommendations on cases.

In addition to this, Gemma works with the paraplanning team to implement investment strategies; building model portfolios for clients once advisers have given instructions, and supporting annual client reviews.

Colleen Duggan

Practice Manager

Colleen started out in financial services in 1995. Since then, she’s worked in a number of client facing roles with leading brands including HSBC, AXA Wealth and Standard Life. Over the course of her career, Colleen has combined her experience of working with advisory firms of all shapes and sizes, with her operational knowledge to help businesses develop and improve their effectiveness.

As part of The Paraplanners leadership team, Colleen is responsible for the smooth running of all business operations. By combining her ability to dissect and improve processes with experience in galvanising teams and clients around change, Colleen plays a crucial role in ensuring The Paraplanners is constantly evolving to deliver high quality paraplanning services in the most efficient way. Her experience in implementing complex projects is a welcome addition to both The Paraplanners and our clients, ensuring a steady hand at the tiller as we improve our service and processes.

Claire Goodwin


Claire began her financial services career in the 1990’s by working for a large insurance company before progressing to work closely with financial advisers and planners. She is one of the few people to hold the CISI Accredited Paraplanner designation.

As a Paraplanner, she particularly enjoys cash flow modelling and building financial plans that give clients reassurance and control of their future. Claire has been involved in many paraplanner and planner events, both as speaker and organiser; she is a founding member of the Paraplanners Powwow community.

Claire now works as a consultant with the leadership team and helps clients with individual cases and project work.

Becci Jones


Becci first started her career in paraplanning in 2002, working in-house with local financial planning firms in Doncaster.  She achieved her Level 4 Diploma in 2009 before having her daughter Victoria.

Balancing family and work life is a challenge at times, and Becci became aware of outsourced paraplanning through the Paraplanner Powwow movement and the greater flexibility available to people that are able to work from home.  Having decided the time was right, The Paraplanners happily introduced her to the wonderful world of outsourcing, giving her the opportunity to spend valuable time with her daughter, as well as being able to put her technical knowledge and experience to good use and continue to further her career.

Colin Stewart


Colin is a Chartered Financial Planner and achieved Certified Financial Planner and Accredited Paraplanner status in 2015.

His financial services career started in 1999 and took a few turns in the early years.  This included time in a pensions call centre, local government pensions administration and a business development role with Scottish Life.  In 2002 he discovered paraplanning.

Since then Colin has held a number of positions in a small financial planning firm, a large national adviser and a private bank.

Colin has a lot of experience in most aspects of financial planning.  With his strong pensions background he spends most of his time working with complex retirement plans, including cash flow plans, and defined benefit transfer analysis.