Plug-in paraplanning

Once you’ve made up your mind to enhance your paraplanning capability, you need something that plugs in simply and reliably. That’s where The Paraplanners comes in.

Our research, analysis and report writing services plug seamlessly into your business, enhancing your service and driving greater standards of professionalism.

Working with different financial advice businesses over many years means we’ve accumulated knowledge on a wide variety of cases, and can apply this to the work we do for you.

Our tried and tested methodology and processes plug in so you don’t have to invent your own.

All of these factors, combined with our qualified and experienced team, are essential to how we successfully deliver outsourced paraplanning services to financial advice practices throughout the UK.

Our services

Every case we work on involves detailed analysis and research to prepare recommendations across strategy, product and investment portfolios as required.

We discuss our findings and recommendations with you and deliver a documentation pack that includes a briefing note, report, illustrations and all supporting research and analysis files.

In working with you, we also sense check the recommendations, drawing on our experience to provide you with a second opinion.

Our expertise spans a number of advice areas including investments, personal and business protection, inheritance tax, asset migration, pension transfers, retirement planning, financial plans and lifetime cash flows.

The menu

While this is a comprehensive menu of our services, it isn’t exhaustive. If you can’t spot what you’re looking for, let’s have a chat.

  • Research, analysis and due diligence
  • Reports for a new product or investment
  • Reports for investment or pension switches
  • Reports and strategy for taking benefits
  • Annual reviews
  • DB pension transfers
  • Product research and filtering
  • Investment gain calculations
  • Pension calculations including annual and lifetime allowance
  • IHT calculations
  • Lifetime cash flow forecasts and financial plans

Your options

We offer two levels of service, simply called Option 1 and Option 2.

No matter which option you go for, we work on a retainer basis. By working in this way, we build stronger relationships, learn about your business and embed our processes to improve your efficiency.

With both options you receive:

  • A paraplanning credit that can be used against cases
  • Integration of our tried and tested processes and templates within your business
  • Telephone and email access to our team for technical support
  • Technical updates

Option 1

Retainer of £1,000 + VAT per month

– £900 paraplanning credit

– A guaranteed case assessment in 2 working days, with a total of 7 working days for final delivery

Option 2

Retainer of £3,500 + VAT per month

– £3,000 paraplanning credit

– A guaranteed case assessment in 1 working days, with a total of 3 working days for final delivery

How credits work

Paraplanning credits count towards cases we work on for you every month.

When the number of cases or activity we carry out exceeds the paraplanning credits you have for the month, we invoice for the balance at the end of the month. Don’t worry though – we make sure you’re aware of this beforehand.

Credits renew each month but can’t be carried over to the next month.

A word on our reports

Suitability reports are an important part of any outsourced paraplanning service, and we’ve spent years fine-tuning ours.

Our reports are designed to help clients easily get to grips with their financial situation, meet suitability requirements and provide a tangible example of your professionalism.

We’ve developed our own report writing system and all reports are designed to reflect your branding and corporate identity.

What next?

Is outsourcing for you? Where do you start and how do you make sure it’s a success? Our guides to outsourcing will help you through the process. Check out the guides

We work with a wide variety of advisory businesses. Listen to their thoughts on our services.

Contact us for further information on our services and fees and how we can help you to improve your service.