Outsourcing made easier

Your essential guide

When it comes to outsourcing, the old adage – you get out what you put in – is true. Preparation is everything in ensuring it works for you and – from deciding whether it’s the road you want to go down to doing the due diligence on your potential partner – we’re happy to provide some guidance.

The secret to successfully outsourcing your paraplanning can be boiled down to three stages. Start by deciding if you and your business are ready to outsource. If you are, follow a rigorous selection process. And when you’ve made your decision, make sure you build and take care of the relationship with your partner.

If you need some help through these stages, take a look at the three guides we’ve produced for each stage.

Drop us a line if you’d like any more guidance on outsourcing your paraplanning.

Stage 1: Decide if it's for you

Placing a key function or step in the process isn’t for everybody. How will you know it’s right for your business?

Our guide helps you decide if this is a step you should take.

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Stage 2: Do your due diligence

What are the questions you should be asking yourself, and your potential supplier? What level and nature of due diligence should you carry out?

Our comprehensive guide for you details the information you need and questions you should ask potential suppliers when outsourcing your paraplanning.

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Stage 3: Take care of the relationship

Once you’ve outsourced your paraplanning, you need to nurture the relationship to ensure it’s successful. Our guide to building and maintaining a successful relationship will get you off to a good start helping to ensure the two businesses work together productively and happily!