Paraplanners Perspective: Dynamic Planner Cash Flow

One of the benefits of being an outsourced paraplanner is that, because we plug into different planners’ processes, we get to ‘play’ with lots of financial planning kit. Like all paraplanners we use these tools every day. We understand where they fit within the advice process and how they can complement (or not) other tools we’re using.

This means we’re well placed to know what works, what doesn’t work and where improvements could be made so it better meets our needs.

So, when we were asked (and paid) to review Dynamic Planner’s Cash Flow tool, we were happy to take the opportunity to get a preview of the tool, ask the Dynamic Planner team lots of questions about it, work out how it could benefit our processes and share our thoughts on where they could do better.

If you’re curious about the tool and would to get a paraplanner’s perspective, we’ve shared our thoughts in this review we produced for Dynamic Planner. We hope it will be useful.