Paraplanners Perspective: Nova Cofoundery SEIS

We’re often asked by financial advice practices and professionals to help them and their clients by undertaking research and analysis of a scheme as part of their suitability process.

As paraplanners, we really enjoy immersing ourselves in a ‘deep dive’ into a proposition; not only because it helps advisers and their clients fully understand what’s involved, but because we think – to offer valuable insights – it’s vital to keep on top of the latest innovations in financial products and services too.

Because financial services are in a continuous state of evolution and change. And that’s certainly true of the SEIS market.

So when Nova Capital Growth (Nova) asked us to prepare a technical review of the Nova Cofoundery SEIS & EIS Fund, written from a paraplanner’s perspective, we relished the challenge.

And apart from providing us with details of the SEIS, and answering lots of questions, we have enjoyed the freedom to craft this review however we wanted without input from Nova.

Our review

We have prepared a technical review which is our own – independent – analysis, and also a deployment guide which offers guidance for advisers and paraplanners who are considering recommending an SEIS as part of a portfolio. You can read the review here.

Nova have produced a useful suitability template. To get your hands on it, get in contact with the Nova team.