The Paraplanners

What we do

We provide a valuable source of research and analysis expertise that is ready-made to plug in to your business.

Our team of highly qualified paraplanners work case-by-case and side-by-side with you to provide insight, ideas and in-depth knowledge that helps you to help your clients make more sense of their money.

From complex research and analysis right through to the generation of  reports and detailed supporting documentation, we design our service so it’s tailor-made to blend with your business.

For any technical queries, you have access to our technical helpline. We're there to provide answers to any technical query, no matter how big or small, simple or complex.

We  provide behind-the-scenes administrative support for many clients; analysing and gathering the right client information and data from third parties, new business submission and a number of other administrative tasks.

Every now and then, we're asked to give consultative support to advisory businesses that are in the process of reviewing their services, or want some guidance in building their own in-house paraplanning team. We also work with other organisations including providers, sharing insight and giving guidance where it's needed.

In all cases, our approach is to fully understand your objectives and the context, and then design and deliver the appropriate support.

Further detail on our services and pricing is available on request.

Our process

Our process

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