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Becci Jones joins The Paraplanners Tue 14 Feb 2017

I’m really pleased to announce that Becci Jones has recently joined the team at The Paraplanners.

Becci has worked in paraplanning for more than 14 years with local financial planning firms in Doncaster.

Achieving Level 4 status in 2009 was followed by the arrival of her daughter Victoria.   

Becci became aware of outsourced paraplanning through the National Paraplanner Powwow movement and the greater flexibility available to people that are able to work from home.

Becci says: "Since I became aware of outsourced paraplanning as a career option I decided to learn more about it.  Working for a business such as The Paraplanners gives me the flexibility to spend valuable time with my daughter and to put my techincal knowledge and experience to good use."

Welcome to the team Becci.  


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