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Kim becomes a director and Kat is promoted Mon 15 Sep 2014

Today I’m really pleased to announce that Kim Bendall has become a shareholder and director of Paraplan Plus – the business behind The Paraplanners and Moneyscope.

Kim – who joined The Paraplanners in January 2012 – will lead The Paraplanners day-to-day. She’ll also be working with me to develop the ways we work, side-by-side, with financial planning practices to offer ideas and insights that help their clients make sense of their money.

Kim blends an exceptional talent for paraplanning with outstanding operational management. I can’t deny that I was over the moon when she chose to work with The Paraplanners in the first place so today’s announcement that Kim’s committed to The Paraplanners for the long-term is – well – fantastic for our clients and for me too.

And that’s not the only good news.

One of the most rewarding things about running your own business is when you discover talented individuals who make a success of the transition to outsourced paraplanning from in-house roles.

Kat Mock has done just that: In the two years since joining The Paraplanners – in September 2012 – Kat’s proved to be a really accomplished paraplanner who our clients love to work with and is a great person to have in our team. That’s why I’m really pleased to announced that Kat’s been promoted to Senior Paraplanner.

News about appointments doesn’t end there though. Kim and I have spent a good deal of time over the past few months seeking out an additional paraplanner for our team.

And we’ve found just the person.

We’ll let you know, later in the year, who it is.

So watch this space!


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