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Help name the date for the Paraplanners Powwow Fri 7 Jun 2013

Over the past few weeks we've been visiting locations and pulling together all the things we'll need to build a teepee encampment for the Paraplanners Powwow. We're holding reservations - no pun intended - on all that stuff for two dates in September 2013.

Now, we just need to decide on the date: either Thursday 12 September 2013 or Thursday 19 September 2013.

And we'd really like your help to decide which date to plump for.

So we've set up a one-question survey so you can indicate which date you'd most prefer and, if you could take just 30 seconds to complete it, we would be very grateful.

Here's the link again: Name the date of the Paraplanners Powwow

What else is happening?

We expect to make an announcement - possibly as soon as next Friday - about all the arrangements for the Powwow. At the moment, we're making sure that we've worked out everything we need in order to make a decision to go ahead with the event.

Right now, all the signs are that there will be the first ever Paraplanners Powwow.

Until now, we've hosted news about progress with the Powwow here because it's been practical to do it that way. But the Powwow belongs to paraplanners who want to participate. It's independent and cost-neutral - just like a previous post about the event said - and that means it's independent of The Paraplanners too.

So, assuming everything continues to go to plan, we'll be publishing a Paraplanners Powwow site with all the information you'll need about the event. From that point on, that site will be the first port-of-call for all things Powwow.


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